Pumps & Blowers
Pumps & Blowers
We offer sales, service and installation on major brands of Su

We offer sales, service and installation on major brands of Submersible Pumps and Vacuum Blowers.

No one else in Southern Indiana offers in-house water testing. Our facility has a 7x7x14 ft. deep water testing pit for all submersible pumps.

  • complete machine shop capability
  • in-house repairs
  • on-site pump repairs
  • water testing

Selling and servicing major pump/blower equipment, including:

  • Bosch
  • Sony
  • Harley

Battling the cold in your shop or office?
Take advantage of our Winter Sale on top of the line heaters to fit your needs.

Complete Repair Services

In our Repair Shops, we take pride in our ability to fix just about anything you can send our way. In-house or on-site, getting the job done right is our main goal. Our repair shops in Seymour and Bloomington deliver quality electric motor repair services using only the highest quality materials.

If we can’t fix it, we can replace it.
B&H stocks one of the largest selections of new and rebuilt electric motors in the region. We also represent several manufacturers of variable frequency drives and solid-state soft starters.

Our Complete Rewind Services feature:

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